G-Force is owned and operated by Grant Conklin.  Before launching G-Force in 2006, Grant had served the technical needs of every church he’d ever been part of for over 20 years.  He maintains this servant mentality in business.  You will not be oversold.  Since starting G-Force, he has been trained by the best in the industry on systems and methods that are crucial to good system design and optimization, and continues on the path of learning, to serve customers better.  Combining  technical savvy with common sensibility, he communicates complicated concepts in a way that average people can appreciate.  


G-Force is a lean machine.  We maintain extremely low overhead costs, so that savings can be passed on to you, our customer.   Whether it’s audio, video, lighting, or acoustics, our design team provides first tier quality, as they practice their craft at an excellent level every day.  Installation is handled by qualified techs who put safety first.  Most often our rigging safety margin exceeds accepted standards by more than double.   When licensed techs are needed, we are able to provide that service as well.