The Process


What concerns do you most wish to address? What are your goals and desires for your systems? What do you currently own that you wish to keep using? What is the skill level of your system operators? What is your budget? These are just a few of the questions that G-Force will ask, as we seek to serve your needs and dreams.


Some organizations will install 3 or more sound systems before they finally have something they’re satisfied with. Investing in good design goes a long way in ensuring that you’ll only have to do it once. Some design firms have been known to produce designs costing up to 15% of the total project cost. While we are always able to keep that cost much lower, the importance of this phase should not be underestimated. We use computer modeling software that enables us to predict, and accurately design speaker systems that reach every person in the space evenly. Using our experience and knowledge, we balance the issues of budget, quality, features, ease of use, and connectivity to create solutions that serve your unique needs. We do this every day, so that you don’t have to.


Occasionally we’re so good that no revisions are necessary, but not often! We work to be certain that the systems we propose meet your needs and budget as perfectly as possible.


A final system proposal is created. Plan on at least 1 month for materials to arrive, as many items are special order. Sometimes an installation can begin much sooner, and sometimes it takes longer. Planning in this buffer zone helps to ensure that the right products are chosen for the right reasons, and keeps everyone involved more sane!


G-Force coordinates the contracted services, while working with and around the other trades (electricians, etc) that might be contracted.


Ultimately there is a human element in making any audio, video, or lighting system operational. We want your people to be confident and comfortable with your new equipment, and we enjoy helping people improve their skill level! Every system we sell is fully supported for 1 year after completion, and extended service agreements are available.